Tonight’s Mad Men live blog will not be “live” or “tonight,” but here’s a prediction anyway

We are attending a wedding this evening in purple-clad Evanston, Illinois. Therefore, my Mad Men live blog will be delayed until later this week.

If I had to guess at tonight’s events, it would go something like this:

10:05 pm: Roger makes a bon mot, then drinks.

10:17 pm: A shadowy figure from Don’s past shows up at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Don drinks.

10:34 pm: Pete is emasculated by the coffee machine, then drinks.

10:49 pm: Sally spends all night talking with Matthew Weiner’s creepy son, then drinks. Juice. She drinks juice.

11:02 pm: Questions remain, but enough of us viewers stuck around to give AMC a Nielsen ratings bump in the next quarter-hour. AMC drinks champagne.

Have a good night!

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