Mad Men Live Blog: Season 5, Episode 11 – “The Other Woman”

Final score: The Mad Men writers jump the shark to win tonight’s episode! Seriously, Peggy wins the night because she got a better job the honorable way. Her victory is a minor storyline, though, given Joan’s acceptance of the indecent proposal. Let’s go through the night.

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Joan Harris in Mad Men Episode 511
Joan Harris in Mad Men Episode 511 (source: AMC.TV)

AMC put the most pivotal episode of this Mad Men season on during Memorial Day weekend. Were they trying to hide the implausibility of the indecent proposal storyline? Joan isn’t to blame for taking the indecent proposal and the 5 percent ownership in SCDP. Pete Campbell isn’t to blame, either. The Mad Men writers are to blame. For a show featuring cheaters and drunks and drug users, the indecent proposal crossed the line. It violated Joan’s integrity. Worse, it just wasn’t consistent with anything Joan’s done in the previous five seasons of the show. She never once attempted to use her relationship with Roger Sterling for personal gain. The Jaguar man’s solicitation was certainly not the first that Joan’s faced since she started in advertising. Why now, of all times, would Joan accept an indecent proposal?

As for Peggy: good for her on joining the improbably spelled Ted Chaough, because it’ll make a great storyline for the rest of the season. Don ignored Peggy, and perhaps for good reason, because MICHAEL GINSBERG is a budding creative genius. Peggy has yet to succeed without her spiritual leader in Don. Don may have thrown dollar bills at her tonight, but he does care about her and will push for her to succeed.

Is Peggy’s pay raise worth leaving a mentor? Ted Chaough is no mentor and no genius. Then again, Don’s saving his mentorship and genius for Megan, who no longer wants it. The bigger concern for Peggy is her job security, as Ted Chaough will not have the patience for Peggy’s missteps that Don did.

I still feel like this season could end with Don on the street, and perhaps Peggy will join him in quick succession. After tonight’s shark jump, however, anything goes in Mad Men. Characters should evolve, not invent. Joan accepted the indecent proposal and invented a whole new character. The Joan we’ve been presented by the Mad Men writers for the last five seasons wouldn’t have accepted it, full stop.

Thanks for joining me! See you next week for Episode 512.

11:01pm: Don holds Peggy’s hand and nearly cries. Peggy really cries. That’s business.

11:00pm: Don asks Peggy to give him the number. Peggy will not comply. Peggy to Don: “You know this is what you would do.” Actually, I think Don would take the money.

10:59pm: Don to Peggy: “I know I’ve taken you for granted.” Peggy: “Yes, I’ve seen the show.”

10:58pm: Peggy to Don: “I want you to know that the day you saw something in me…my whole life changed.” Don: “I have that effect on people.”

10:57pm: Peggy talks with Don while everyone else is celebrating the Jaguar account.

10:56pm: Jaguar’s calling every agency with results on the pitch meeting, and SCDP lands the account. Roger calls in every partner, including Joan. Don is a sad Draper.

10:53pm: Peggy meets with Ted Chaough and gets an offer of $19,000 per year, which translates to $130,000 a year in 2012 dollars, according to DollarTimes. Did I write that down correctly?

10:52pm: Megan is objectified in her callback audition. Ethics 101.

10:47pm: I try to be funny in this live blog, but it’s difficult with Joan’s indecent proposal. Lane now gets out of his embezzlement snafu, Joan can finish up her divorce without going broke, and Pete somehow wins.

Does this sort of indecent proposal happen? I’m sure it does, but how often with employees? And yes, I know that Joan’s had an affair with Roger Sterling, who’s been her boss for years. Doesn’t matter. It’s worse when it happens with a client.

And more concerning, it seems like a lazy storyline. Joan’s indecent proposal is too obvious. It’s a free pass on complex thinking.

10:45pm: Ah, Don arrived after Joan’s date with the Jaguar guy. Doesn’t matter. This storyline is still tacky.

10:44pm: Don to the Jaguar committee: “What behavior would we forgive if they weren’t pretty?” Mad Men is pretty, but I can’t forgive this storyline.

10:44pm: This storyline is so tacky. I am hoping that Joan doesn’t go through with it.

10:43pm: The SCDP boys are at the Jaguar pitch the next day. And yes, of course, Joan went through with it. So Don’s pitch is smooth but hollow, is like Joan’s night with Herb, the Jaguar guy.

10:42pm: Prediction: Joan still goes through with the indecent proposal.

10:41pm: Don goes to Joan’s apartment and tells her it’s not worth it. Joan to Don: “I was told everyone was on board.” Ethics 101.

10:39pm: Pete tells Don that Joan’s going to accept the Jaguar man’s indecent proposal in exchange for 5 percent of SCDP. Don to Pete: “I don’t want it like this.” Pete to Don: “It was her idea.” No, Pete, it was the Jaguar man’s idea.

10:37pm: Mad Men advertising note: Miller 64 is performance beer! In exchange for a pilates class, I can reward myself with a Miller 64. This Miller 64 commercial felt like a 64-second commercial, but yes, I will get a Miller 64. To Miller 64!

10:34pm: Freddy Rumsen encourages Peggy to leave her job. This is part of the Jessica Pare takeover of Mad Men. All the women will leave, either through new jobs or moral indignation.

10:33pm: MICHAEL GINSBERG’s Jaguar line: “At least, something beautiful you can truly own.” Ethics 101.

10:32pm: MICHAEL GINSBERG comes into Don’s office and implies that Jaguars will help jerks get ladies. I knew as a child that only jerks get the ladies.

10:31pm: Joan talks to Pete and demands a 5 percent stake in SCDP in exchange for the indecent proposal. And here is the shark that Mad Men has jumped.

10:30pm: Hey, Megan got a callback to an audition! Surprise!

10:29pm: Joan is having a fight with her mother about their impoverished living situation. Maybe Joan and her mother can trade residences with Pete and Alison Brie. With her living expenses controlled, Joan won’t need to take the indecent proposal.

10:28pm: Pete and Alison Brie are fighting about their living situation. Pete wants Manhattan and Alison Brie wants “fresh air.” GREEEEEEN ACRES!

10:26pm: Prediction: There is no way, no how that Joan accepts the indecent proposal. For a woman who’s cheated on her husband (and helped other husbands cheat), she has a code of ethics, and the indecent proposal violates that code.

10:22pm: Megan’s friend does a seductive (?) dance, which gives MICHAEL GINSBERG the idea for the best Jaguar line ever – “she comes and goes as she pleases.” On behalf of Peggy fans everywhere, I’m getting a little tired of that smart MICHAEL GINSBERG. I may start capitalizing Peggy as PEGGY in response.

10:22pm: Megan is back from an audition and gives the following Jaguar pitch line: “Jaguar: It’s your problem, not mine.” Megan is getting good lines!

10:21pm: Pete reads a bedtime story to his kid. Useless.

10:19pm: Lane attempts to discourage Joan from taking the indecent proposal because it’ll reveal its embezzlement. Actually, no, Lane attempts to convince Joan to defer upfront cash for a partnership in the firm. That could work!

10:18pm: Ken attempts to console Peggy, and Peggy responds by telling him that he doesn’t believe his “stories.”

10:17pm: Peggy to Don after getting pulled from MICHAEL GINSBERG’s account: “So, I guess I’m not in charge of everything.” Don responds by throwing money at her. I wish I’d get that response every time I challenged authority.

10:15pm: Don Draper can’t pitch Jaguar and sell Mercedes-Benz roadsters simultaneously, can he? It sounds like an agency conflict.

10:12pm: Bert Cooper to Pete about Joan’s indecent proposal: “Let her know she can still say no.” From his voice, it sounds like she can’t. Ethics 101.

10:10pm: Pete tells the partners that the Jaguar guy (who is apparently one of three votes) that Joan would consider the indecent proposal at the right price. Everyone else in the room had ethics, but Pete actually considers a financial structure for the payoff to Joan, and seems to persuade the other partners, save Don.

10:09pm: Harry, Ken, and Peggy are on a speakerphone, which is apparently a novel invention for 1966. Is it 1967 yet? Anyway, Peggy is getting the chance to be creative and invokes Lady Godiva, so apparently all sorts of ethics are getting tossed to the side at SCDP. And we’re not even at the embezzlement yet.

10:08pm: Pete to Joan: “Do you consider Cleopatra a prostitute?” Joan apparently is open to it, because she says, “I don’t think you can afford it.” That is not a no. It should be, but it’s not. Joan is too good for that.

10:07pm: Pete to Joan about the Jaguar guy: “A night with you, or no vote.” Surprisingly, Joan is not persuaded. Yet.

10:06pm: Pete is asking Joan about serving the needs of the Jaguar man. Pete has no ethics. Does Joan have ethics?

10:05pm: Don Draper, a 20-year veteran of the ad business, is asking Megan Draper, a 20-year old (and change) for help on his Jaguar campaign. Megan’s advice: don’t use the word “mistress” in the campaign. Good advice.

10:04pm: Ken to Pete about the Jaguar guy propositioning Joan: “Why didn’t you tell him she’s married?” Pete: “Because so is he.” Ethics 101.

10:03pm: The Jaguar pitch guy has asked Pete and Ken for Joan’s contact information. By “contact information,” the pitch guy means that he wants Joan’s companionship for the night. And Pete’s considering it.

10:01pm: MICHAEL GINSBERG’s pitch at the Jaguar creative meeting: “Jaguar. You’ll love it when you’re in it.” Peggy is irritated because the boys are all on the Jaguar account, whereas she is working on laxatives. MICHAEL GINSBERG apparently used laxatives before coming up with his pitch.

9:58pm: Even AMC knows that no one likes The Killing. At 9:58, right in the afterglow of The Killing‘s thrilling conclusion (a dude in a hoodie, driving at night), there’s immediately a big promo for Mad Men and a couple John Slattery commercials for Lincoln automobiles.

9:55pm: Sarah from The Killing has been released into Lew Ashby‘s care. As long as she stays out of Lew’s stash, she might make it to the start of Mad Men.

9:54pm: Tonight’s description of The Killing: “Sarah is at her wit’s end.” So are we all with this show. In other news about The Killing, Seattle is still overcast.

10:45am: A new episode on Memorial Day weekend? Does Mad Men‘s audience time shift that much?  When looking at Mad Men‘s “Where to Watch” page, it sure seems that way. AMC promotes four ways to watch Mad Men: “On AMC”, “Download”, “On DVD”, and “On VOD.” AMC knows the Mad Menaudience goes well beyond Sundays at 10pm. Do advertisers also know?

Like many Mad Men fans, I want the show to be an Event (not an event, but an Event). It needs to be this grand, unifying Event for my generation. But how can an Event unify if everyone watches the Event at separate times? This is the big divide between scripted entertainment and live entertainment (sports, news, and even reality TV results shows). Mad Men‘s Event needs to be communal, but its consumption is individual. Perhaps it’s perfect for my individualistic, on-demand generation. We will unify around an Event, but only when we can pencil it in.

Anyway, let’s go back to the show. Don Draper is in the middle of the Jaguar pitch, which is exactly where the show needs him to me. No more thrown plates of spaghetti. It’s time that Don gets back to work. Of course, by the time Don successfully lands the Jaguar account, Lane Pryce’s embezzlement from Episode 510 will sink SCDP, leading to Don and Megan’s inevitable demise in a Montreal flophouse. It’ll be fun until then, though!

See you tonight at 10pm Eastern!

Joi Ito’s MIT Enterprise Forum Fireside Chat Recap

Joi Ito – Director of the MIT Media Lab

Joi Ito, the new director of the MIT Media Lab, spoke this week at a fireside chat organized by the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge. Joi’s experience is broad and deeply digital. In particular, his experience with media (Six Apart, Technorati, Twitter, and the Knight Foundation) gives him one of the best perspectives on the future of media. He’s also the godson of Timothy Leary, which is a better credential than most.

I’ve attached a number of great insights during Joi’s fireside chat with Timothy Rowe, the CEO of the Cambridge Innovation Center. All quotes are paraphrased unless noted.

  • On edX, the online educational initiative co-sponsored by MIT and Harvard: “Flip the classroom. Put all the knowledge out there.”
  • On failure, part 1: “Fail first, learn later.”
  • On failure, part 2: “Don’t raise your kids in a clean room. It’s like with entrepreneurs. You need failure to grow up robust.”
  • On journalism, part 1: “Data science is the future [of journalism].” There is hope.
  • On journalism, part 2: Regarding Chris Hughes’ purchase of The New Republic: “If it breaks even, I’m OK.” My opinion is that breaking even isn’t enough. Journalism should be more than a public trust. It should make money.
  • On learning: “Interest-driven learning” learning is Joi’s style. He was stingy with his time and wanted to focused on what he enjoyed. This is why Joi didn’t graduate from college, but became successful in business – he was interested.
  • On the Media Lab: “For everything I’m interested in, there’s someone at the Media Lab with more interest and experience working on it.”
  • On metrics: “I worry about the happiness you get from exponential growth. It reminds me of the drug dealers from Chicago…you need more, more, more.”
  • On research: “The Media Lab should be about peripheral vision.” Research doesn’t need to have a target, and companies aren’t paying the Media Lab to reach predefined conclusions.

Mad Men Live Blog: Season 5, Episode 10 – “Christmas Waltz”

Mad Men Episode 510
Photo from – Mad Men Episode 510
Final score: Meredith, the SCDP receptionist, wins the night! It was a great night for hostility and she led the pack. Joan would never have let a process server come through SCDP’s front door after an employee, let alone a director like…well, like Joan. But Meredith disagreed and jeopardized her colleague in style, all with a nasty attitude. Job well done, Meredith!

Second place goes to Paul Kinsey, who wins because he’s the only notable character to make any money off tonight’s episode. Don rented a car for a $6,000 bond, then paid for Joan’s drinks, so his net worth is down on the day. Megan now needs to buy a new plate. Lane’s theft might be what leads the company to its demise, but that’s now delayed a week. Harry lost his pride with Lakshmi, and then lost his guilt-ridden $500 to Paul, our deserving second-place finisher.

Tonight’s episode, like a chess opening position, may lead to a big endgame, where the Lane is shown the door (and maybe Don, too, for the forged signature on Lane’s check?). In isolation, however, this episode was tepid at best. Paul Kinsey’s plotline seems irrelevant now and probably will remain so for the remainder of the season — and really, was it relevant in the first place? It’s just part of the Mad Men‘s efforts to bring SCDP into the 1960s. While it’s fun to see Don interact with the counterculture, I’d just rather see him win a pitch.

Thank you for reading along! See you next week.

11:02 pm: Don to the team: “Prepare to take a great leap forward.” He then tells the team that SCDP is working throughout the holidays to land Jaguar. Everyone is ecstatic to blow up their holidays. You know why? Because everyone likes to work!

11:00 pm: Lane’s plan to embezzle SCDP’s money has hit a hitch with Mohawk’s union strike. Lane could barely stomach telling the company that the partners would forego their bonus.

10:58 pm: Harry gives Paul $500 (in 1966 dollars) for a fresh start in Los Angeles. That’s about $3,500 in 2012 terms, per In essence, Harry’s dalliance with Lakshmi cost his $3,500 in 2012 terms.

10:57 pm: Harry is now lying to Paul about how much Star Trek loved his script. Harry’s lie is so implausible that it does not bear repeating.

10:55 pm: The only plot line tonight’s episode has advanced thus far is Lane Pryce’s. Joan got served? Of course she did, because that’s what happens in divorce. We’ve got a few minutes left to redeem a slow night.

10:53 pm: “Hi, I’m Nick, and I’m a photography student.” Nick, would you like a nice I.T. degree instead?

10:52 pm: Roger and Joan. Make it happen for real, Matthew Weiner.

10:51 pm: Lane saves some money by exaggerating his role in the Jaguar sale. It’s the smallest lie he’s said all week.

10:49 pm: Megan makes a keen observation: Don loved his work before he met her. Maybe Don just loves Megan? Could it really happen that way in a Mad Men world?

10:48 pm: Megan is upset when drunk Don Draper gets home. Megan asks Don where he was, and Don tells her everything exactly as it happened, including getting a drink with Joan. Surprisingly, this upsets Megan less than Don not calling.

10:47 pm: Lakshmi slaps Harry. Harry is confused. I am also confused. Let’s ignore this plot line forevermore.

10:46 pm: Harry to Lakshmi: “[Paul] wants to have a life with you.” In other news, Harry and Lakshmi became one just like five seconds ago.

10:45 pm: AMC is showing every Dirty Harry movie this week. In other news, The Killing is still a thing.

10:41 pm: After drinks with Joan, Don is driving his quasi-rented Jaguar as fast as possible while he’s drunk. Don to the audience: “Have you seen the show?”

10:40 pm: Don and Joan are making up back stories for another guy at the bar. I do this ALL the time! It’s my favorite thing to do at a bar. Much safer than talking to other people.

10:39 pm: If Don and Joan become an item, man, that is it, that is all. It’d be like when Penny and Raj became an item on The Big Bang Theory.

10:37 pm: Lakshmi from the Hare Krishna place comes to SCDP’s office and throws herself at Harry. The big question: when was the last time she showered?

10:36 pm: The SCDP receptionist is the best receptionist in the entire world. Nothing says “reception” like hostility.

10:35 pm: Don congratulates Joan for getting divorced. Joan reminds Don that this is 1966, she is a woman, and society is unfair.

10:34 pm: Don whips out a checkbook (presumably a company check) and writes a $6,000 (in 1966 dollars) check to “rent” a Jaguar. Will the check bounce now that Lane’s stolen $7,500?

10:33 pm: Joan to Don: “Oh, honey, what’s that?”

10:32 pm: Yes, finally! Don and Joan are a couple! A fake couple, touring Jaguar, but still a couple!

10:31 pm: Joan just got served in a manner that’s eerily reminiscent of how it happens in 2012. Not that I’d know.

10:29 pm: My local commercials are all sponsored by local banks.

10:26 pm: Lane pays his tax bill with SCDP’s money, but then gives the tax man the runaround on his fee. That’s not going to work out well.

10:25 pm: Pete comes to Don’s office to discuss Jaguar. They should really talk about embezzlement. Maybe Pete should look at the ledger.

10:23 pm: Lane breaks into SCDP late at night to forge a check from the company checkbook. This is Lane’s creative embezzlement plan? He could never be an ad man.

10:22 pm: Paul to Harry: “No one likes me.” Matthew Weiner to Paul: “Agreed.”

10:21 pm: Paul wrote a spec Star Trek script! Yes!!!

10:20 pm: Megan’s dress looks like a Star Trek uniform.

10:19 pm: Megan to Don about his terseness: “Yep? Nope? Those should have been our wedding vows.”

10:18 pm: Don and Megan are at a silly play, and all the actors are wearing Rip Hamilton masks!

10:16 pm: Harry to Paul about the Hare Krishna lady: “She’s my kind of religion.”

10:14 pm: Roger is in Joan’s office begging to be part of Baby Harris’ life. Joan, for some reason, is refusing assistance. She is too proud, and Baby Harris will be too poor.

10:10 pm: So, how will Lane embezzle money from SDCP? If he doesn’t, will the British invade New York just to extradite him? There’s nothing more meaningful to the British tax system than $50K in 2012 dollars. Greece, however…

The easy answer: Lane creates a fake British government ad buy, then sends the money back through SCDP as a “research project.”

10:08 pm: Lane is now trying to convince the SCDP leadership to distribute his ill-gotten loan money. Pete: “What ghost visited you, Ebenezer?”

10:07 pm: Paul Kinsey is back, and he has a pony-tail! Just a pony tail. That’s a good look for when I go bald.

10:06 pm: Don to Pete about the Jaguar pitch: “It’s a lot of work.” Pete: “Yes, I’ve seen the show.”

10:04 pm: Lane’s now talking with a banking friend about getting a $50K (in 1966 dollars) line of credit for SCDP, so that he can get paid/embezzle to pay off his debt. Does it seem like he might do himself in this episode, at least career-wise?

10:02 pm: Lane owes $8,000 to the British tax man, in a plot line that hasn’t been remotely developed enough to plausibly threaten one of the show’s main characters. Lane is unable to come up with $8,000 (in 1966 dollars) on short notice, which is $56,000 in 2012 dollars. Lane Pryce seems to be the type of man who’d be able to pull that off. Why is he suffering so much financially?

10:00 pm: Is Dr. R-Word back?

9:59 pm: The Killing is available on iTunes. If you’ve purchased everything else on iTunes, it’s good to know.

9:58 pm: John Slattery’s voice on a Lincoln commercial is all the Mad Men I need. And two Lincoln ads in a row!

9:56 pm: We’ve now sworn off all mentions of The Killing, other than to reassert weekly that Seattle is rainy and gray. Since Grey’s Anatomy, it’s actually rainy and grey.

9:51 pm: It’s Christmas in May! When you’re writing Mad Men, time knows no season. Anyway, Christmas dreams are about to come true at SCDP, per the official site. Pete Campbell is wishing for a backbone, Peggy is wishing for a better haircut, and MICHAEL GINSBERG is wishing for vengeance on the evil Don Draper. Don Draper, of course, does not care, because Don Draper has Megan Draper while MICHAEL GINSBERG has his father’s matchbox apartment. Living in New York, ah, so glamorous.

We’ll get started in about nine minutes – thanks for joining along!

Mad Men Live Blog: Season 5, Episode 9 – “Dark Shadows”

Final score: Peyton List wins the night! She’ll end up with two Manhattan apartments, a nice divorce settlement with Roger, and a new beau in the Manischewitz heir in the next few months.

Photo from – Mad Men Episode 509

The big bombshell of the night was JJ’s announcement to Sally about Anna Draper. Sally was upset for a while, then didn’t care. So if that’s it for the night’s fireworks, what advanced? Pete whined, MICHAEL GINSBERG now has his boss Don as a mortal enemy, and Joan lost the bottle red race with Megan’s actress friend. Otherwise, tonight was just a blip. I want more meat next week.

Speaking of meat, I’m off to finish up a 5,000 word paper. This blog is about 1,500 words — maybe I can paste it as an appendix! See you next week.

11:02 pm: JJ is at Thanksgiving and says, “I’m thankful that I have everything I want.” Of course, she refers to the sole Brussels sprout on her plate.

11:00 pm: Peyton List is having second thoughts about hooking up with her husband in her new apartment. Roger now needs to buy her a new apartment. Real estate in the 1960s was much cheaper.

10:59 pm: MICHAEL GINSBERG and Don are now in the elevator together, and MICHAEL GINSBERG is furious at Don for hiding his idea. MICHAEL GINSBERG: “I feel bad for you.” Don: “I don’t think about you at all.”

10:58 pm: Peyton List to Roger: “Roger, wait.” Roger to Peyton List: “What?” Thus goes 1960s banter.

10:57 pm: Peyton List and Roger are celebrating a successful pitch dinner to Manischewitz. By celebrating, I mean they’re going to hook up.

10:56 pm: MICHAEL GINSBERG is upset that Don left his idea in the cab. I am upset that Tesla is advertising on Mad Men after its own government loan.

10:49 pm: Roger is with the Manischewitz people. The Manischewitz heir (30s, MBA-type) is into Peyton List. The Manischewitz patriarch and matriarch are into MICHAEL GINSBERG’s ad idea.

10:48 pm: Don has decided to jeopardize the Snoball account because he is petty and self-conscious. Um, have we met Don Draper?

10:46 pm: Peggy is complaining to Roger that he is “not loyal.” Um, has she met Roger Sterling?

10:44 pm: Pete calls Don at home on a Sunday morning to whine about the NYT Magazine article because it doesn’t mention SCDP. Don is decidedly ambivalent.

10:41 pm: It’s commercial time again and FedEx is shipping packages to the forest. Not a growth industry.

10:39 pm: Peggy and MICHAEL GINSBERG are at the office late. I gotta say…Peggy’s looking good!

10:38 pm: Megan tells Don that JJ told Sally about Anna. It’s like a game of telephone, only with the threat of military prison.

10:37 pm: Weight Watchers lady: “We should fill ourselves with our children.” This is not how to lose weight!

10:35 pm: Sally talks with Megan about Anna Draper. Megan sounds very Canadian with her response, which politely addresses Don’s identity theft by talking about the way “things used to be.”

10:34 pm: Every single person loves MICHAEL GINSBERG’s Snoball better than Don’s Snoball. Even Don, in his heart, loves it more.

10:33 pm: JJ just told Sally about Anna Draper! Seriously? Don could get ARRESTED for that!

10:32 pm: Boy Child Draper drew a picture of a whale getting harpooned. Know what that means? Brass Bonanza! Go Whalers!

10:30 pm: Alexis Bledel is at SCDP to have the adult party time with Pete. She was excited because Pete was in the New York Times Sunday magazine. Then, Pete woke up. I think there are a lot of Madison Avenue folks who have that exact same dream today.

10:28 pm: Peyton List is back because Roger needs a dinner date. In exchange for dinner, Peyton List wants a new apartment. Real estate was much cheaper in the 1960s.

10:27 pm: “And it feels like I’m just too close to love you. There’s nothing I can really say. I can’t lie no more. I can’t hide no more. Got to be true to myself.” Therefore, download Bing. QED.

10:26 pm: Commercial time. Chrysler is talking about a father and son gambling. It’s good to hear a company that took so much of our taxpayer money talk about gambling. One point three billion. Dollars. I’d rather import a tax refund from Detroit.

10:23 pm: Henry Francis realizes he joined the wrong political campaign in the 1960s and blah, blah, blah. JJ comforts Henry Francis by reciting some gibberish from her Weight Watchers meeting. Henry Francis smiles, realizing that his decision-making can only improve after bottoming out with JJ.

10:22 pm: Roger is again paying out-of-pocket for some creative work on the side, this time courtesy of MICHAEL GINSBERG. Did the IRS not exist in the 1960s?

10:21 pm: Roger is talking with MICHAEL GINSBERG about his Manischewitz wine meeting, at which he makes three separate insults about the Jewish faith. MICHAEL GINSBERG is unfazed because MICHAEL GINSBERG is self-effacing.

10:20 pm: Megan is unapologetic about marrying a rich man. I would be, too.

10:19 pm: Megan is reading a script for “Dark Shadows” with her acting school friend, who’s apparently spent all her tips on her bottle red hair.

10:17 pm: JJ is at her Weight Watchers meeting circa 1966. The ladies are all getting weighed in public while wearing full wardrobes. And since it was the 1960s, everyone’s wearing about ten pounds of clothing.

Anyway, JJ had a bad week because she saw how hot Megan looked. Waah.

10:15 pm: If your entire life is online, why does it matter where you live?

10:13 pm: Don is sad and old. Roger is sad and old. JJ is sad and fat. Henry Francis is sad and henpecked. Peggy is sad and stifled. Pete is sad and emasculated. Only MICHAEL GINSBERG remains pure.

10:11 pm: MICHAEL GINSBERG is kicking Peggy’s butt at the Snoball brainstorming meeting. MICHAEL GINSBERG then proceeds to also kick Don’s butt. The problem here is that Jon Hamm is perfect in real life, so it’s hard to believe that he’d lose creatively to MICHAEL GINSBERG.

10:10 pm: JJ chugged some whipped cream and then spit it out. This isn’t even a plot point. It’s just another day in the life of JJ.

10:09 pm: Don is still at the office, apparently trying to one-up the level Snoball jokes in his underling’s file folder. He is failing because he is Old. Not old. “Old”.

10:07 pm: JJ is at Don’s apartment to pick up her kids, and she’s walking around. She already looks thinner, but not nearly as thin as Megan, who’s decided to change right in front of an open window. Megan is young and vibrant, and JJ has always been awful, fat suit or no.

10:06 pm: Don find the “S— I Gotta Do” file folder of someone, and the work looks like MICHAEL GINSBERG’s! It’s funny, so I’m assuming it’s not Megan’s old file folder. Is it Peggy’s, maybe?

10:05 pm: OK, there’s no way that Jessica Pare continues as Megan after the season’s over, unfortunately. She was at her best in the office environment. Her acting partner is Sally Draper now.

10:04 pm: Roger to Bert Cooper: “How Jewish are they?” This was relevant directly to the discussion they were having, but Roger could really say this at any time.

10:03 pm: Don is reviewing the year’s past ad products for the magazine and sees MICHAEL GINSBERG’s name on most of the campaigns. Whither Peggy? MICHAEL GINSBERG is industrious.

10:02 pm: Pete got SCDP into a magazine about “hip” ad agencies. Because Pete is hip.

10:01 pm: Looks like January Jones is back and on a diet. She’s eating burnt toast and cheese, it appears. Carbs and fat.

10:00 pm: Alexis Bledel is in the intro for tonight’s episode! How does Pete really get both Alison Brie and Alexis Bledel?

9:57 pm: And it’s the end of The Killing, where the only things getting killed are smiles.

9:54 pm: Now that AMC’s paid money to the Beatles, it’s on to paying Art Wallace and/or Tim Burton to use the “Dark Shadows” title. Don Draper will need all the money he can get now that Megan’s no longer working for a living (even though it was actually his company that was paying her).

In other news from last week, Pete’s emasculation train came to a stop at Alexis Bledel, who for some reason found him attractive. Maybe she’s into frat boys from Dartmouth. By the way, what self-respecting fraternity would admit Pete Campbell? Why did he attend Dartmouth and not Princeton or Columbia? He’s really going to drive up to New Hampshire and hang out there every winter? He hates Cos Cob because it’s too rural.

Anyway, it’s time to forget about Pete Campbell. This week is apparently a Sally Draper week, and as there’s no Celtics game tonight to distract us, it looks like she’s our entertainment for the night. Let’s go, Kings!

Tonight’s Mad Men live blog will not be “live” or “tonight,” but here’s a prediction anyway

We are attending a wedding this evening in purple-clad Evanston, Illinois. Therefore, my Mad Men live blog will be delayed until later this week.

If I had to guess at tonight’s events, it would go something like this:

10:05 pm: Roger makes a bon mot, then drinks.

10:17 pm: A shadowy figure from Don’s past shows up at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Don drinks.

10:34 pm: Pete is emasculated by the coffee machine, then drinks.

10:49 pm: Sally spends all night talking with Matthew Weiner’s creepy son, then drinks. Juice. She drinks juice.

11:02 pm: Questions remain, but enough of us viewers stuck around to give AMC a Nielsen ratings bump in the next quarter-hour. AMC drinks champagne.

Have a good night!