Mad Men Live Blog: Season 5, Episode 4 – “Mystery Date”

Final Score: Joan wins the week and possibly forever for finally dumping Dr. R-Word. She is awarded +1 billion points. Mad Men could end on a high note now, with Joan removing the worst character ever from the show. Don also did well tonight, wiping out his adulterous demons with one squeeze (and one late-night body dump by Jessica Pare). All in all, it was a good day at SCDP. 

Let's get Joan back to the office and back with Roger next week! Or Don. I'm now open to Joan replacing Jessica Pare, and I think Joan would help with the imaginary body dump, too.

See you next week!

11:01 PM: Joan tells Dr. R-Word that's he an R-word. Dr. R-Word: "If I walk out that door, that's it." Joan: "That's it." Three seasons too late.

11:00 PM: Don to Jessica Pare re: his indiscretions: "You don't have to worry about me." Jessica Pare to Don: "I know…I spent last night burying the lady in yellow's body."

10:58 PM: Ohhhh, soooo close to avoiding JJ in this episode. Sally's drugged out under the bed, while Don's drugged out in his bed. The Drapers love drugs!

10:57 PM: I'm going to assume that Don's imagining the lady in yellow, because he's probably not going hide a dead body under his bed. Cold medicine makes people do strange things.

10:55 PM: There's a Smirnoff commercial about dancers with one goal in life: backing up Madonna. This is an excellent ad to run during Mad Men.

10:52 PM: Laura on the J.C. Penney commercial with the bunny rabbits: "Bunnies!" We like bunnies here.

10:50 PM: Dr. R-Word to Joan: "Open this door or I'll kick it down!" There's the Dr. R-Word we all know and hate.

10:49 PM: Grandma Francis gives Sally the background info on why the nurses were murdered. Sally is really scared, so Grandma Francis shows Sally the large knife she's storing under the couch cushion. Grandma Francis then gives Sally some drugs. All in all, it's another normal interaction in the Francis household.

10:48 PM: Dawn is VERY uncomfortable in Peggy's apartment.

10:47 PM: Peggy to Dawn: "Do you think I act like a man?" Dawn to Peggy: "Stop bothering me! I was fine sleeping at the office."

10:45 PM: Yes, my sole reason for hoping that the lady in yellow isn't real is because Don can do better. Jessica Pare can do better, too.

10:43 PM: Don sees the lady in yellow again in his bedroom. Do hallucinations happen with the common cold? It better be a hallucination, because Don could do better than her.

10:39 PM: Peggy's taking Dawn home for the evening! How I wish that referred to the other Don.

10:36 PM: Turns out that Dr. R-Word volunteered to go back to Vietnam. This certainly means he'll be shot on this tour of duty. Score one for Roger! 

10:34 PM: Grandma Francis turned off Sally's TV, then regaled her with a story of child abuse. All in all, it's the most civil discourse the Francis home has seen in years. 

10:32 PM: Did Don just hallucinate the lady in yellow invading his apartment?

10:28 PM: Miller 64 is performance beer for performers. Have you earned a Miller 64 today?

10:25 PM: Peggy was blowing up her weekend for Roger's pocket change, but then extorts him for all the money in his pockets. Roger is the kid who gets beaten up for his lunch money. Fortunately for him, he has a lot of money to lose.

10:24 PM: Pete to Roger: "LBJ et cetera." Roger to Pete: "What?" 

10:23 PM: Don's master bedroom looks like a canary prison cell.

10:22 PM: Don to MICHAEL GINSBERG: "Everything I say has 'or else' after it."

10:20 PM: MICHAEL GINSBERG sells the account at the pitch meeting! Then, MICHAEL GINSBERG messes it up by mentioning his own idea about Cinderella! MICHAEL GINSBERG is in it for MICHAEL GINSBERG. Don will devour him as a lozenge.

10:16 PM: Dr. R-Word to Joan: "I need to store up as much of you as possible." In addition to being an R-word, he's now a cannibal.

10:15 PM: Dr. R-Word is rested from his re-acquaintance with Joan. But now, Dr. R-Word needs to tell Joan something. He'll be gone for another year.

10:14 PM: Grandma Francis just smacked Sally Draper's hand. Somehow, this is JJ's fault, even if she's not in this episode.

10:13 PM: Don to Jessica Pare: "I'm going to be with you until I die." Even Jessica Pare doesn't believe that.

10:12 PM: Jessica Pare is still upset that Don met someone at work decades ago. Jessica Pare should remember how Jessica Pare got a starring role in Season 5.

10:09 PM: Dr. R-Word is back home! And Joan's mom just wants Joan and Dr. R-Word to get reacquianted. What skills has Dr. R-Word learned in the service?

10:08 PM: Don is self-medicating his cold with a cigarette.

10:07 PM: Sally to father Don about watching TV: "I'm on vacation!" Don to Sally: "I've been on vacation since I started my professional career."

10:06 PM: Meanwhile, back at Joan's apartment, the war still goes on. Armament. Etc. Joan's mom is convinced that Dr. R-Word got a little strange on the side. Joan's mom, meet Joan.

10:04 PM: MICHAEL GINSBERG still likes Don, cough and all!  MICHAEL GINSBERG is a generous man.

10:01 PM: Hey, Don has an endless cough…and an endless supply of ex-girlfriends. Why is Jessica Pare surprised?

10:00 PM: I am very excited that MICHAEL GINSBERG is on this week's episode! MICHAEL GINSBERG and Peggy will definitely hook up soon.

9:58 PM: And Seattle cheers collectively! The Killing is over! Onto Mad Men, right now!

9:56 PM: Is The Killing so depressing that the mayor's ending it all with a campaign pin? I could understand it.

9:46 PM: Is it dark and raining? It must be The Killing!

9:33 PM: It's finally time for Don to get back in the boardroom this week. Mohawk awaits his brilliance.  It's finally time for Joan to get back in the office this week. Roger (and Don?) need her leadership. It's finally, finally time for Roger and Pete to fight each other, and given Roger's age and Pete's prissiness, I think it'll be a fair fight.

Let's hope for lots of Don, no January Jones, and just enough Jessica Pare to keep the marriage charade going another week.

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