Mad Men Live Blog: Season 5, Episode 3 – “Tea Leaves”

Final Score: JJ wins, two sundaes to zero. She will now celebrate by abstaining from any future episodes. Henry Francis and Sally Draper are both good to stay, but only if they hang out with Don in New York. Beyond JJ, we saw a preview of the upcoming Pete-Roger battle royale. That's about it for this episode – let's hope for more Joan and more boardroom presentations next episode!

63': We're actually concluding with JJ eating Sally's sundae. MORE FOR JJ. NONE FOR YOU.

62': We're concluding the episode at MICHAEL GINSBERG's apartment, which definitely means that he'll hook up with Betty later this season.

61': Jessica Pare finds out that JJ's illness is a non-illness. Jessica Pare is displeased, apparently, but Don's buying her something shiny to distract her.

60': Henry finds out that JJ called Don to talk about her non-illness illness. Henry is displeased.

59': Don and Roger talk about JJ's non-illness illness. The Red Sox just lost in extra innings. 

57': Pete just disrespected Roger in front of the whole firm about Mohawk. Roger commiserates just as he celebrates, by drinking!

56': Hey, Joan hasn't been in this episode! Roger, hire her back to work!

51': JJ's throat nodule is benign, except for the whole fat-suit thing.  Let's hope this concludes her work in Season 5.

50': Henry Francis: "Romney's a clown." I wonder if this dialogue will impact the votes of AMC's viewership in New York, California, and Massachusetts.

49': Prediction: MICHAEL GINSBERG and Peggy will become a romantic item sometime this season.

47': MICHAEL GINSBERG is turning on the brownie points with Don on his interview. He even brought up The Letter, which offers some hope that Season 4 wasn't just a dream.

44': Don and Jessica Pare are late for Fire Island because JJ is sick. Jessica Pare is not happy, right? Anyway, Don just can't go to Fire Island because JJ might be sick. Jessica Pare's rebuttal is a bikini, which appears to persuade Don. 

42': BlackBerry commercial: "We need tools, not toys." World: "We want toys." BlackBerry wants an MBA.

39': And another commercial break! Why not have another break after six minutes of programming?

38': Harry messed up at the Rolling Stones concert by…what, trying to get a Stones sound-alike band instead of the real thing? Harry is now waxing romantic about the high school girls. Oh, it appears that the Trade Winds or something have actually been signed to the Heinz deal. OK, sure.

35': The teenage girl is putting the moves on Don. Don is asking her questions about her reactions to the Rolling Stones, then asking her if she's visiting a psychiatrist. Don has not flirted with high school girls in some time. Jessica Pare does not count.

34': JJ is putting the moves on Henry. Henry is not energetic.

33': This has been a five-minute commercial break. On the plus side, Red Dawn is on AMC this Tuesday night.

28': Don and Harry are hanging out with high school girls outside the Rolling Stones' dressing room. The high school girls made a Bewitched reference. It's as good as a time as any for a commercial.

25': JJ just gave a psychic her tea leaves to read. And now JJ's going to reuse the mug that the psychic touched! Wash the mug!

24': JJ and the other lady are having tea or something. I dunno, I'm checking the Red Sox-Tigers score.

22': MICHAEL GINSBERG: "I have no hobbies, no friends. I will live here." I think that was my pitch when I interviewed fr my last job.

20': "HI! MICHAEL GINSBERG!" The person Peggy's interviewing for the writer position. His resume is rolled up in his jacket sleeve. He needs to take a shower.

17': It looks like AMC is getting into competition shows with The Pitch, which appears to be Chopped for ad agencies. Or Dancing with the Stars for ad agencies. Anyway. Every cable channel wants to be a sports network, because that's where the money is.

14': Rizzo (is that his name? the artist who works with Peggy?) tells Peggy to hire a mediocre writer for Mohawk so that she looks better by comparison. Rizzo does not have an MBA.

13': JJ to Don about her neck lump that's making her fat-suited: "Say what you always say." Don to JJ: "Um…we divorced, you got fat-suited, and I got Jessica Pare…I win?" 

12': Doctor Penn says that JJ is probably depressed and therefore fat-suited. She also has trouble swallowing. If she had trouble swallowing, why is she fat-suited?

10': Peggy is OK with being passed over for Mohawk because she's a woman. Dawn understands. 

9': Henry's mother to JJ about her fat suit: "You get comfortable, and you give up a little bit, and it just gets out of control." JJ: "I WANT BUGLES." Henry's mother: "I'm older than Henry."

7': Don's secretary is named Dawn. No adjectives.

6': Pete secured the Mohawk business for Roger Sterling. Roger celebrates by drinking.

3': PITTSBURGH! The Heinz client! He's from Pittsburgh! Jessica Pare then goes and embarasses Don at dinner by mentioning the "divorced" word, since divorce is forbidden in Pittsburgh.

1': JJ's fat suit isn't nearly as fat as I hoped. I say this while eating a whole pie. 

0': This is the zeroth minute. Jon Hamm is directing!

April 8, 2012 at 4:57PM: This episode's "live" blog is about six days and 17 hours away from "live." I had an illness and a work obligation which kept me from watching Episode 503 until right now. But wow, am I excited to see January Jones in a fat suit! As long as JJ is only in this episode, she could wear a tutu for all I care. In my dreams, I imagined JJ and Jessica Pare both retiring, with different flavors of Peggy replacing them both.

Anyway, time for "Tea Leaves!"  My throat is still sore, so maybe I will have some tea before I start watching.

The time stamps will be in terms of the actual show.

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