Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 12 – “Blowing Smoke”

11:00pm: I suppose SCDP doesn't have its fictional second floor anymore. It was a solid next-to-last episode for Mad Men, the unnecessary Sally Draper plot line notwithstanding. The big shoe dropped this week, and hopefully next week, the whole Draper/Francis family moves to Rye and out of Mad Men land.

I'll wager a shiny penny that Don ends up at Disney as a New York-based exec, then takes Peggy and Harry with him. He wants to be a pure creative director, and with his crusade against tobacco, he's now the consummate family man. Or maybe the Rubicon terrorists will time-travel back and Don will fight them off with whiskey.

10:59pm: Pete to Don regarding the American Cancer Society call: "Yes, Don, save the company. Now go and fire half of it."

10:56pm: Fay/Faye gives Peggy the brush-off. Not sure why, exactly. Is Fay/Faye resentful that Peggy can have both a backbone and a career?

10:54pm: Fay/Faye: "You're going to make it through this day." Gosh, she had a backbone at some point, right? Does Don have a supernatural power?

10:53pm: Betty's about to unleash hell on Sally for taking her man/boy, Glenn/Glen.

10:52pm: Here's my prediction: Don doesn't pony up and gets sued by the partners. So he doesn't have any friends.

10:47pm: Don and Peggy are in a closed-door meeting, and Peggy is super-excited that she's not getting fired. Yes, it is awesome to stay at a failing company for another six months. In other news, Ben Affleck is not Jack Ryan.

10:45pm: Teddy Chaough (Short James Spader) mocked Don Draper. Oh well. He's still not Alan Shore.

10:41pm: Don is changing the message about tobacco! With a big ad in the New York Times. Don stands for something! And he's smoking again! This is why I should start selling coffee.

10:40pm: Don's writing a note about why he's quitting tobacco and loving it, because it's addictive. Is this going to be a newspaper article?

10:39pm: Trudy: "When you bet big and lose, you don't double down."

10:38pm: Alison Brie's sound levels are off.  She's barely audible.

10:35pm: Clorox's Mad Men ad: "Helping philanderers out of hot water for generations."  Because infidelity is funny.

10:34pm: Don: "We're creative. The least-important, most-important thing there is."  Two good quotes.

10:33pm: Don: "We can't start over. We just started."

10:31pm: Sally doesn't believe in heaven, which is irrelevant unless she ages about 20 years and starts working for Dad at SCDP.

10:29pm: Well, no tobacco meeting. SCDP is done and Don doesn't care.

10:28pm: Peggy's back! And Jessica Pare has long arms. I feel like I need to do more pullups.

10:24pm: Betty's getting help from the child psychologist.

10:21pm: Midge: "Do you think my art's any good?" Don: "Does it matter?" That was my question about this whole plotline.

10:20pm: And Midge is using heroin. Come on, Mad Men

10:17pm: Midge's husband is apparently selling herself for a painting. Things, they are tough around here. So Midge and Midge's husband are, what, going to rob him? I dunno. Does this Midge/Midge's husband poverty plotline have anything to do with making Don's decline seem less significant?

10:14pm: Fun fact — not a single person in America is using BlackBerry Torch for anything fun. It's a business tool.

10:11pm: Psychologist to Sally Draper: "Your mom hates you, but she hates herself." Again, paraphrasing because SCDP is going bankrupt, and there are More Important Things going on now. Sally's fake drama can wait until the hiatus between Seasons 4 and 5. 

10:10pm: If I was live-blogging during Midge's episodes in Season 1, I would have said, "Again, some junk about Don and Midge." And I'm saying it now. Midge is not what Don needs right now.

10:09pm: Again, some junk about Sally Draper. Whatever. SCDP is going BANKRUPT!

10:07pm: What is this background music? What is this trash? Stop the background music, Mad Men.

10:06pm: The consultant just gave SCDP a big eye-opener  - focus on cigarettes, because it's all they're really good at.

10:05pm: Betty was on just now the Draper kids, but honestly, I just didn't care, so I went on for a while.

10:03pm: Pittsburgh Joe just told Don he thinks they'll be gone in 6-8 months. Don does not take no for an answer. He takes "no, not even at a reduced commission" for an answer.

10:01pm: Hey, Heinz! Pittsburgh!

10:00pm: I really, really do not get Fay/Faye. Why bother with Don? Is he magic?

9:59pm: I really, really do not get Rubicon. Who would watch it versus watching football?

9:58pm: The Rubicon crew just witnessed a terrorist attack on…Houston? Oil? Whatever. There are more important things in life. Like Don Draper sleeping with his assistants. And like SCDP going bankrupt, which will hopefully happen this episode so that Don can take his kids to Tomorrowland next week and get a job at Disney.

It's been a long, long Mad Men season, and yet again, it feels like there's not nearly enough time to answer everything I want to know. It's like LOST with martinis.

One Reply to “Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 12 – “Blowing Smoke””

  1. Great episode in my mind. At the end of last week I thought SCDP was going under, after Don’s drastic moves I think they are back on track. And the Sally Draper story line isn’t worthless. This show is based on Don Drapers life. Half of his life is away from the office (and when he isn’t banging receptionist he is focusing on his kids). This season he is trying to organize his personal life, and number one is his kids. His relationship with Sally and her relationship with her mother/new father is going to be a big part of that. Also her relationship with her new dad and her new mom (doctor lady) will be fun to watch.

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