Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 11 – “Chinese Wall”

11:02pm: As Pete stares unmoving at his newspaper in next episode's preview, he's holding a pastry. Looks like a cruller. I really, really want a cruller. 

Anyway, Don's going to try to offload SCDP to someone else (probably to Short James Spader). This episode advanced a few plotlines, which is great news, though Peggy's evolution is still unresolved and there's nothing new on when Betty and Henry Francis will get divorced. I bet they go under next episode and Don ends up working for someone else, then starts a Duck-like decline.

10:59pm: Fay/Faye violated some ethical guideline to get Don a meeting at Heinz. Does he not smell like perfume, though? He must smell a little like Jessica Pare. Fay/Faye must, must be able to smell it.

10:58pm: Jessica Pare is using Don? This whole Don-Jessica Pare thing better lead to a real plotline. I hope she steals some stuff from his office and pawns it.

10:57pm: Roger's book just came in, and his child wife is happy. I forgot about her. Now I have to remember her.

10:55pm: Jessica Pare's character just wants Don right now. Revolting, lazy writing.

10:54pm: Wow, I really do not like Jessica Pare's character now that she has more than one line. Don, please, please do not cheat on Fay/Faye with her.

10:53pm: Jessica Pare's character is from Montreal! As is she, in real life! And she's in love with Don! Perhaps in real life! Rumor!

10:52pm: Jessica Pare is trying very, very hard to learn Don's business. She just closed the door to his office. 

10:51pm: Tonight is the night where Don makes a mistake with Jessica Pare.

10:46pm: Peggy has lipstick on her teeth. The Playtex guy she's pitcing makes a licking motion over his teeth. This is not the way to communicate "you have lipstick on your teeth." The right way to do that is to say "you have lipstick on your teeth."

10:44pm: Bert Cooper to Roger: "Lee Garner Jr. never took you seriously because you never took yourself seriously."

10:40pm: Don and Fay/Faye just argued about some ethical issue, and I totally missed it because I was busy searching for details on The Next Three Days.  In the meantime, Peggy's going to get touched by Stan.

10:39pm: Don: "I'm used to people rejecting my ideas, not me."

10:39pm: When will Don make another mistake, this time with Jessica Pare?


10:37pm: The NY Giants are now up 10-0!  Welcome to the modern era!  

10:34pm: Joan dumps Roger. Can you dump what has never been dumpable? Sad Roger.

10:32pm: The head of CGC looks like a short James Spader. I miss Boston Legal.

10:30pm: Glo-Coat or GlowCoat or whatever's letting SCDP go. In retrospect, starting a business with one huge, volatile client is a really, really bad idea.

10:23pm: Will there be a "B" storyline at all tonight? Ah yes, the Bears-Giants game is the "B" storyline. Not to spoil anything, but it's still 3-0.

10:20pm: Peggy seems to be blaming her evening with the Brooklyn Beatnik for their loss of BBDO. 

10:17pm: Don is rallying the troops! Well, not so much, as they're all now looking for jobs now. This ruins Peggy's high.

10:13pm: Roger calls from "Raleigh" to say that Lucky Strike's gone forever. "Raleigh" is his bedroom. I would like to call in from "Raleigh" for a meeting. Or a date.

10:11pm: Peggy has extended the Brooklyn Beatnik's visit by another morning. Yay, Peggy's sense of self-worth! 

10:08pm: Fay/Faye to Don: "You have to keep a clear head." So very annoying.

10:07pm: Roger is pretend calling by holding his thumb on the phone hook. In an incredibly obvious way. Really? They all buy that? Really? They're not that oblivious.

10:06pm: Don Draper is actually skipping Fay/Faye to meet in the office re: Lucky Strike. Really, leaving that night? To the office?  What can they possibly do at night?

10:04pm: Ken finds out that Lucky Strike is leaving for Big Swinging Ad Company. Ken is confused. Ken is always confused.

10:01pm: Peggy and the Brooklyn Beatnik are back together, at least for a car ride. And now for a visit back to the apartment. Yay for Peggy's dignity.

10:00pm: There are only two episodes left of Rubicon! Oh no! Can't they just re-run Mad Men in the 9pm slot?

9:59pm: Ah, it looks like he drinks.  So, not entirely the opposite.

9:58pm: What exactly is Rubicon about? There's a guy telling a cute girl to go home and to never come back.  So, he's basically the opposite on Don Draper.

9:56pm: I'm returning to the live blog tonight after a trip last week, and after watching the Giants and Bears set football back 50 years, anything else is a relief. Even tonight's near-bankruptcy Mad Men, which looks like it'll focus on SCDP's desperate attempt to make up 70-some percent of its revenue in 30 days. If I had to make up that much money in that short a time, I'd sell blood. So, maybe this episode will feature everyone's attempt to sell blood. Don will get turned away due to his blood's poisioning from alcoholism/womanizing/etc. Peggy likely has none to give.

So yes, they will likely start to go bankrupt this episode, then sell themselves back to some bigger company in the next episode, and then Don will just take off for a long time without thinking about money.  Because that's how people rolled in the 60s.  And just as in the 60s, the Giants and Bears will play 3-0 games and millions will watch.

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