Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 13 – “Tomorrowland”

11:00pm: Mad Men ends on a whimper in Season 4. Don’s going to become a bitter shell in mind and body, Jessica Pare will parlay this role into more movie roles, and SCDP will fade into oblivion during the next year. When Season 5 returns, I bet Don’s at a big ad agency as a figurehead creative exec, drinking away his post-SCDP fortune. And then he’ll die of cirrhosis in Season 6, and Sally Draper will intern for Peggy while finishing her freshman year at Columbia. Go Lions.

I wanted more out of this season. In Seasons 1-3, the ending episodes changed lives. In Season 4, they should have switched Episode 13 with Episode 12, so that the last scene would be Don firing his staff and seeing what his carelessness hath wrought.  

On the plus side, Don’s becoming the poor man’s Roger Sterling, and that means two seasons of Sterling-esque one-liners with Don’s delivery. And that’s that for Season 4 — a season in which Betty’s storyline went eight episodes too long, where Fay/Faye’s life was destroyed by her desires, and where Don stopped caring and started living. And that’s the final lesson of the mid-60s Mad Men. Tune out and grab a drink.

10:58pm: The only bright spot about Betty’s final scene is our grand hope that it’s her final one in Mad Men history. Let’s hope that there’s a media blackout around Rye for the next two years.

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Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 12 – “Blowing Smoke”

11:00pm: I suppose SCDP doesn't have its fictional second floor anymore. It was a solid next-to-last episode for Mad Men, the unnecessary Sally Draper plot line notwithstanding. The big shoe dropped this week, and hopefully next week, the whole Draper/Francis family moves to Rye and out of Mad Men land.

I'll wager a shiny penny that Don ends up at Disney as a New York-based exec, then takes Peggy and Harry with him. He wants to be a pure creative director, and with his crusade against tobacco, he's now the consummate family man. Or maybe the Rubicon terrorists will time-travel back and Don will fight them off with whiskey.

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Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 11 – “Chinese Wall”

11:02pm: As Pete stares unmoving at his newspaper in next episode's preview, he's holding a pastry. Looks like a cruller. I really, really want a cruller. 

Anyway, Don's going to try to offload SCDP to someone else (probably to Short James Spader). This episode advanced a few plotlines, which is great news, though Peggy's evolution is still unresolved and there's nothing new on when Betty and Henry Francis will get divorced. I bet they go under next episode and Don ends up working for someone else, then starts a Duck-like decline.

10:59pm: Fay/Faye violated some ethical guideline to get Don a meeting at Heinz. Does he not smell like perfume, though? He must smell a little like Jessica Pare. Fay/Faye must, must be able to smell it.

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