Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 9 – “The Beautiful Girls”

11:00pm: And the symbolism of the women, all alone, yet leaving together on the elevator. Fay/Faye doesn't belong. 

Anyway, what did this episode actually say? What was proven here? Was this just a vacation until the impending bankruptcy episode next week? Oh, maybe they're going bankrupt, and they'll just throw the interesting characters into Breaking Bad. This is a down note from the good episodes of the last two weeks, and I feel that I've learned nothing this week.

10:59pm: This is feeling more and more like a throwaway episode. I want to like Fay/Faye, I really do. But, no, I don't. She's not controversial enough of a partner for Don. She's not even all that challenging to him now that she's surrendered to his charms.

10:58pm: Fay/Faye is not good with kids. And she's self-conscious about it, which is really great for a psychologist. Maybe psychologist/psychiatrist. Her storyline here stopped being relevant at the beginning of the episode.

10:55pm: Everyone loves Jessica Pare. Or Rachel or Rebecca or whatever her character name is today. Even Sally loves her. Did you know that she's a singer?

10:52pm: Apparently Don's secretaries have a bad track record. Let's allow the analogy to pass unabated beyond the secretary who's been promoted to copywriter. Or the one who married Roger.

10:45pm: Sally gave Don a rum-laced piece of French toast. Because she can't read labels, and the rum bottle looks like Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup. Because Sally, who's like 15 by this point, can't read labels. Oh well, Don loves the sauce, so, yippee.

10:41pm: Roger and Joan just got robbed walking down a dark street. Laura suspects that Roger set up the robbery. Joan: "Don't stop."  Again, lessons in self-delusion. 

10:39pm: Roger to Joan on the possibility of the two reuniting: "I don't expect anything to happen." Lessons in self-delusion.

10:32pm: Fay/Faye to Sally: "Hello. My name is Fay." Lessons in subtlety.  And in two women getting subjugated by Don's wrath.

10:30pm: This whole Blankenship thing dying is too slapstick for my taste. Just like Peggy peering over Don's wall.

10:26pm: Peggy to Brooklyn Beatnik: "I'm not a political person." And in other news, Ms. Blankenship died. And no one really cares.

10:22pm: Don to Sally: "Don't touch anything." Lessons in parenting.

10:21pm: Sally ran away from home, and Betty is running away from her parenting responsibilities. Wow, Betty looks wan.

10:17pm: Wow, the Brooklyn Beatnik looks greasy and sweaty. Peggy needs to run.

10:10pm: Peggy teaches the Brooklyn Beatnik about the realities of the world, which for her places social justice slightly below profit. The Beatnik has not learned how to win over individuals. And hey, Girl Peggy is named Joyce!

10:08pm: Joan gets a massage as a gift from a random stranger (Roger, I suppose). I would never let random folks in the door. They might poison the water.

10:06pm: Don: "I'm sorry, I took a long lunch, I took a swim. Come back in an hour. I'm taking a nap." Lessons in leadership.

10:04pm: Joan is cold with Roger because Joan's hubbie is going to Vietnam. Shock. As in, not remotely surprising.

10:02pm: That was quick for Don and Fay/Faye. Nothing better than intimate moments in a rundown bachelor's pad.

10:00pm: If a conspiracy happens in a forest, does it makes a sound? Thus is the fate of Rubicon.

 9:59pm: The Mad Men season is nearly over, and it's accelerating in some direction. I just don't know the end game. Season 1 had a similar feel to it — the conclusion wasn't indicated by the business steps of Sterling Cooper.  What's the endgame this season?  I think SCDP has to last beyond Season 4 because there's so much money behind it, but they're still dependent on just one client in Lucky Strike, and Don might stop smoking after he gets into gear with his swimming.

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