Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 8 – “The Summer Man”

11:02pm: Final score — Mad Men wins. Mad Men is back. It's the best show on the air and it's back. I bought prescription swim goggles just so I could be like Don Draper. Thank goodness. The rest of the season looks promising again.

11:01pm: And Don's back to being the BMOC, or at least the BMO suburban New York. He goes to his 2 year old's party like a trooper.  

10:57pm: Fay/Faye bores me, but she gets to wear Don's technicolor dream coat.  And they're going to make out on the way back, but just a little, because Don wants to keep her waiting for more. Don's relearned this dating thing.

10:54pm: When Don Draper goes to dinner with Fay/Faye/a mobster daughter (?), he wears an bright plaid jacket.

10:52pm: When a man walks into a room, he brings his whole life with him. When Don Draper drives back to his house, Henry Francis asks like a meek little boy. 


10:49pm: Hey, Francine's back! Maybe Harry or some secondary character can marry her and get her more into the show. She could assist Joan! Anyway, she gives some little throwaway line to Betty. Yippee.

10:46pm: It is unfathomable that logos like Washington's pro football team's logo still exist in 2010. In 2000. In 1960, even.

10:41pm: Don advises Peggy to deal with her problem with Joey personally. Peggy responds by firing Joey. Joey responds by dumping Peggy's files on the floor. This is why I keep all my files in a nice big pile, organization-free.

10:39pm: Joan invoked Vietnam for the unruly copywriters.

10:34pm: I was wrong, Henry and Don are more uncomfortable with each other. This is the first time that Henry's stood up for himself with Don, and maybe it's because Betty's not around. Maybe Henry knows that Betty still wants Don. Unfortunately for Henry, Don's ready to give Henry his entire former life.

10:31pm: Henry and Betty don't look remotely comfortable with each other. Just like last season.

10:30pm: And a good morning from Fay/Faye. Argument with boyfriend. Hmm.


10:25pm: A little bit of grossness right before Don heads to Waverly and 6th. The Washington football team didn't score from within the Red Zone, so no one's happy.

10:22pm: Had to do some work for work for a bit. Anyway, Henry and Betty ran into Don and College Girl out at a fancy dinner. Betty had to run away and hide. Life continues. Henry, by the way, is ready to bail out of this boondoggle of a marriage. Shocker.

10:15pm: If there's a Joan at every company, then where's the Joan for the Dallas Cowboys? They need quality control.

10:12pm:  Ah, this is going to be one of those existential episodes. Last week was just good acting and good writing. Now, Don's soul-searching. Mad Men is best with Don is just Don.

10:09pm: Hey, Don's eating Dinty Moore while easing his way out of alcoholism! We have Dinty Moore here, and it's incredible. Get a slice of bread, pour in an equal proportion of beef, potato, carrot, and gravy. It's like a sophisticated hot dog. Anyway, he's drinking a beer, so, not so much removed from the alcoholism.

10:08pm: Joanie's now at home, sending her predator husband off to war. Basic training. Whatever, he's going away and hopefully never coming back. 


10:06pm: Joan feels disrespected for the the first time. The very, very first time, at any point in her career, that she's felt disrespected.

10:03pm: I just wrote "Tom Brady" instead of "Don Draper."

10:01pm: Don Draper writes brief copy, and therefore, advertising.

10:00pm: Of course, Mad Men chose to air the best episode of the season last week, right in the middle of the Labor Day weekend.  There was a version aired in Montreal, but I'm still working on saying "please" and "thank you" and "that's my toothbrush" in French.  So, the summer man.

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