Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 9 – “The Beautiful Girls”

11:00pm: And the symbolism of the women, all alone, yet leaving together on the elevator. Fay/Faye doesn't belong. 

Anyway, what did this episode actually say? What was proven here? Was this just a vacation until the impending bankruptcy episode next week? Oh, maybe they're going bankrupt, and they'll just throw the interesting characters into Breaking Bad. This is a down note from the good episodes of the last two weeks, and I feel that I've learned nothing this week.

10:59pm: This is feeling more and more like a throwaway episode. I want to like Fay/Faye, I really do. But, no, I don't. She's not controversial enough of a partner for Don. She's not even all that challenging to him now that she's surrendered to his charms.

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Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 8 – “The Summer Man”

11:02pm: Final score — Mad Men wins. Mad Men is back. It's the best show on the air and it's back. I bought prescription swim goggles just so I could be like Don Draper. Thank goodness. The rest of the season looks promising again.

11:01pm: And Don's back to being the BMOC, or at least the BMO suburban New York. He goes to his 2 year old's party like a trooper.  

10:57pm: Fay/Faye bores me, but she gets to wear Don's technicolor dream coat.  And they're going to make out on the way back, but just a little, because Don wants to keep her waiting for more. Don's relearned this dating thing.

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