Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 6 – “Waldorf Stories”

11:00pm: And it turns out Don got Roger black-out drunk so he could make up a story about Roger hiring him the next day.

10:57pm: Don has to hire the plagiarist he plagiarized. Just desserts.

10:48pm: Don has lost a whole day due to his drinking, and made a very big mistake with a friendly waitress. So, his solution is to drink more. And now Peggy’s at his apartment, in the dark, at night.

10:45pm: I like Weeds better than this.

10:41pm: And now back to young Don and young Roger, with Don so eager yet so unprepared. I continue to be amazed with Don’s lack of preparation at all stages of his career.

10:36pm: Peggo’s going to get naked with a colleague. Yep, this would actually happen.

10:29pm: And hey, Fay/Faye appeared in a cocktail dress just where the post awards show party was! Don will go from confident Don to disrespected Don in a heartbeat.

10:27pm: Both Pete and Peggy have been disrespected this episode, so it’s likely they’ll hook up.

10:23pm: Don is dee-runk drunk. Unkempt hair.  He looks a lot like Jon Hamm’s 30 Rock haircut. Don is also not creative on the spot and plagiarizes the plagiarizer re: “Life: Cure for the Common Breakfast.” Peggy is getting disrespected left and right. It’s great to see disrespected Peggy instead of confident Peggy.

10:17pm: Don and Joan totally kissed on the lips. All because Don won an award. Therefore, I am starting a new award called “The Award,” and I announce that I have won.


10:14pm: Hey, Ken Cosgrove might come back to torture Pete Campbell! I liked weak, jealous Pete better than confident Pete.

10:11pm: Don Draper’s aggressiveness at the fur coat store is inspirational, and he brought Draper along.


10:06pm: Don smiles! And now he’s transported back in time to when Sterling first met Draper. Sometimes it’s all circumstance.

10:04pm: Who includes others’ work in their portfolio? Anyway, Don is threatening Peggy, just like in the Sterling Cooper days.


9:58pm: Rubicon concluded tonight with a 60-second look at a paperweight shaped like an owl. I imagine this is significant to the three people watching it.

9:30pm: The director of the last Mad Men episode directed a Weeds episode called “Su-Su-Sucio.” This Weeds effort differed from Mad Men in that stuff, you know, happened. Characters developed. Events occurred. And most of all, this all happened in a half-hour.

I am hopeful that Mad Men will take a lesson from Weeds and make something happen tonight. Peggy’s already smoking more marijuana, so there’s a start. The episode title of “Waldorf Stories” sounds like another hour of navel-gazing, but hey, we’ll give it a shot.

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