Mad Men Live Blog: Season 4, Episode 4 – “The Rejected”

11:01pm: FINAL SCORE: Pete Campbell, +6,000,000 ownage of his dad-in-law; Peggy Olson, +2 romantic partners; Don Draper, -2 picture frames. I’m ready to write off this season of Mad Men. They spent a day at the office, which I wanted — but then, we saw what that day detailed, and it bored the hell out of me. If Mad Men had started with this set, no one would have believed that this profession was one to seek out. It looks cheap and feels like a soap opera, and I’m ready to subscribe to a premium cable channel. Or read a book, maybe.

To paraphrase Don Draper: “Oh my God, Mad Men, there’s a fire down the street somewhere. Gotta go!”

11:00pm: Oh, so symbolic at the end, Pete with the suits and Peggy with the artists, and never the two cliques shall meet. Except that Pete was always a suit and Peggy was always a beatnik.

10:58pm: So the client (SCEP) paid a consultant (Fay/Faye) to confirm what they already knew (Pond’s should be marketed to women looking for marriage). Today or 1964?

10:56pm: Really? Peggy’s going to lose it over Trudy getting pregnant? She’s so over that, right?

10:49pm: Why are Peggy and Girl Peggy running away? The cops breaking up the beatnik party don’t want them. They’re high, not possessing.

10:43pm: Big Bad Pete Campbell just owned his dad-in-law. Give me all of your business, and do it NOW. The best moment of Season 4 since Draper threw the bikini folks out.

10:37pm: Peggy just got picked up by a girl.

10:35pm: Allison/Alison/Secretary Don gets angry about a request to self-write a recommendation. This happens all the time.

10:32pm: Sad Ken Cosgrove. “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t say s***ty things about me behind my back.” It’s like Jersey Shore. But he does point out the fundamental flaw of companies w/logos on their sites of big brands — they’re all just getting a little piece.

10:26pm: Oh, Don should have cleaned that mess up. And Secretary Don sounds odd. He likely won’t pay this episode, though, because this episode will end sometime in 1968.

10:22pm: Should people be congratulated for having children? With the environmental impact and all?

10:20pm: So I asked last week for more action at the office. So, here it is, and it’s boring the stuffing out of me right now.

10:16pm: Freddy Rumsen on the Pond’s focus group: “Your financial future’s in the hands of a bunch of 22-year-old girls.” Almost every purchase anyone makes is to appeal to 22-year-old girls.

10:14pm: I guess Faye is really Fay. Faye sounds more intelligent.

10:10pm: Pete’s been told by his dad-in-law that he’s about to be a daddy. Legitimately. Gosh, I know I should care, but really, I don’t. I don’t think a baby changes anything.

10:07pm: The nudity was brief, but Peggy made a friend with a lecherous photo editor from Life. She seemed nice.

10:05pm: Don Draper, creative genius, cried “fire” to get out of a meeting with Lucky Strike. Big bucks.

10:00pm: Hey, “brief nudity.” And John Slattery’s directing. No surprise!

9:59pm: Rubicon is solving a need I don’t have.

9:35pm: Tonight’s episode of Mad Men is entitled “The Rejected.” I fee like rejecting Mad Men if tonight’s episode doesn’t pick up the pace. Television is a relaxant, not a depressant.

We now have Netflix at home, which provides a lot of free Showtime shows (how this model works, I don’t know, but anyway). I’m putting Showtime’s best (Dexter, Weeds, Californication) up against AMC’s best (Mad Men and Breaking Bad), and I’m leaning heavily toward Showtime at this point.  Maybe we should pony up for the premium cable.

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