I Have Moved Beyond AOL Instant Messenger

I have used AIM for business purposes since my first tech job in 1999. Wow, 1999. Letting that sink in a bit. OK. But now, it’s over. The need for documentation is just too great to keep AIM as a part of the loop. Discussions with colleagues can happen in Basecamp in virtually real time and provide full documentation. Discussions with family and friends are much more impactful over Skype than text alone.

But the real reason, the undeniable reason, is the AOL Toolbar takeover of my IE defaults. It’s invasive and unwanted, and every time I install or upgrade AIM, I need to go back in and clean AIM out of my browser. I’ve noticed this happening even when I remove the checkbox approval (maybe my oversight there, but regardless, invasive). AIM, I grant you no rights.

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