Why I Love Chain Restaurants

Consistency, consistency, consistency. You know what you're getting, you know it's going to taste at-to-above average, and you'll know to plan appropriately for your next visit in the afternoon.

This morning, we went to a local coffee shop for coffee. "Coffee" is the key concept here, as it's their entire focus. Laura ordered a coffee with four variables (hot, double, skim, latte), a standard order for a coffee shop to process. The first returned product was cold, and while iced coffee is amazing, this variant was not authorized by Laura. A second attempt yielded whole milk. Whole. Not skim. Not right. Not appropriate.

So we went to Starbucks. Standard, straightforward, work breakfast Starbucks. The variables were received and processed appropriately. Perfect.

There's a reason chain restaurants are chains. They work.

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