Breaking News: Title-less NBA Player Announcing New Team During “Bethenny Getting Married” Rerun

LeBron James is now negotiating with ESPN for an hour-long special to announce his free agency plans. This sounds similar to the high school recruiting specials on ESPNews, where everyone from the local high school crowds the gym to find out where the kid with encephalopathy will attend school for N and one-half years. In each case, only a handful of teams can get the recruit a title, and none of those teams play in Ohio.

If LeBron wants to win, he will refuse the max and find a way to get to Chicago. But maybe he just doesn’t really want to win. A winner wouldn’t do this type of special after flaming out in the playoffs. “Kobe Doin’ Work” only happened after Kobe’s hand was loaded with rings, and even then, the content was about the game and the team, not just about the player and his personal ambition.

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