Jeff Van Gundy Sums Up Game 7: “This Is One Of The Most Poorly Played Games You’ll Ever See”

The level of drama in the Celtics-Lakers Game 7 paled in comparison to the Diamondbacks-Red Sox game just an hour earlier. There hasn't been a game yet in this series where the quality of play from both teams was high, and even though tonight's going to end up close, it's not like it's exciting merely because it's for a title. The level of strategy and intrigue in a baseball game (a sac bunt in the 5th by McDonald? brilliant!) does build genuine drama. That's not being built here. This has been a sloppy game in a relatively sloppy series.

Does the NBA need to reduce the playoffs in length to increase the intensity? Maybe go back to 5 game rounds in the first round.

It's only two months to NFL training camp, plus a summer of baseball. And the UFL is in Hartford now, so there's that. Just hold out a little longer.

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