The BCS Conference Realignment Battle is Remarkably Similar to the Plot of “Jericho”

In the CBS television show Jericho, a West Coast faction and an East Coast faction vie to align with Texas following a massive nuclear attack on the United States. Texas is the lynchpin which will decide the outcome of the new-age civil war. This differs substantially from Red Dawn, in which Texas fell quickly to the Soviet-Cuban forces storming in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Perhaps the differentiating factor between Red Dawn and Jericho is the Southwest Conference. In the Red Dawn 1980s, the SWC was hit by recruiting scandals and poor performance in football. Now, in the Jericho era, Texas makes national title games, TCU wins a BCS game, and even SMU makes it to a bowl. This is proof, once again, that all a writer needs to do to be successful in Hollywood is to copy a storyline from sports, then replace the word "touchdown" with "strategic nuclear strike."

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