Are New England Coffee and Green Mountain Coffee Mortal Enemies?

I had to go to Chicago to learn about New England Coffee, but now that I'm here, I'm intrigued at the possibilities. My daily coffee of choice is Green Mountain Coffee, as it fills the key components I need — quick, caffeinated, and thanks to my company, free. 

[I think free coffee is the smartest employee perk in the world, by the way. It's like giving everyone productivity juice. Does anyone work at a company without this benefit?]

Yet today, following the Chicago edition of Blogs With Balls, I sit down to watch the White Sox-Cleveland game and see an in-game promo for New England Coffee. [By strict definition, coffee shouldn't have a place name outside of the Coffee Belt, but anyway.] I have never heard of New England Coffee, but by definition, they've claimed more territory than Green Mountain Coffee (just Vermont), so they're at least proclaiming that they're better.

So I thought about doing the entrepreneurial thing and proclaiming more territory, so I headed to GoDaddy to see what I could get. It turns out that others, speedier and more nefarious than I, have already proclaimed all available coffee lands. is gone., gone., taken., gone and green. Even is unavailable. I did see, but that brings up a whole list of ecclesiastical/trademark issues, so everything within the available realm is gone.

Maybe it's time to start smaller, more grassroots. I can't do or, though, as they're both taken. Perhaps Smart small and build big; that's the way to do it.

Also, Blogs With Balls was enjoyable and educational, and I hope to one day "crush it" myself, etc.  The advertising landscape panel was good.

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