Liars Seek Penance, or Why I Believe Tim Donaghy

Chris Villani of WEEI reported via Twitter that Tim Donaghy, the disgraced former NBA referee, said that the Orlando Magic should "dust off their golf clubs" after he heard the referee lineup for tonight's Game 6 between the Boston Celtics and the Magic. Donaghy's a liar and a problem gambler, but I believe him for a few reasons (the Kendrick Perkins technicals in Game 5 among them). Mainly, I believe that Donaghy seeks penance from the public, his family, and himself, and that full disclosure of his lies and the lies of others is the only way he'll ever find relief.

This is beyond a publicity stunt for Donaghy. At this point, what does he have to gain in publicity from telling the truth? His book deal was already shelved, he'll never get the chance to return to his life's passion, and he'll never even be able to restore his good name. The only salvation he'll get will come from outing others living the same lies he once lived. He'll receive no financial reward, but he'll slowly gain back his self-respect.

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