Does 30 Rock Really Need Guest Stars?

Last night’s season finale of 30 Rock broke new ground for Season 4 — it was the first time an A-list guest star was actually funny. Matt Damon’s character of Carroll (Carol?) will be a super-duper foil for Liz Lemon until Liz ruins it (I’m imagining something involving an air marshal).  This was the first time all season that a guest star’s VORP exceeded that of a normal cast member (excluding James Franco, who moved from A-list to the SNL-style guest star after his appearance on General Hospital).

I like 30 Rock because of Liz Lemon’s neurotic thoughts. Tracy Jordan’s EGOT quest. Frank’s hats. Kenneth. Liz and Jack’s never-ending flirtation. Buzz Aldrin, Al Gore, Padma Lakshmi — none of them ever got the right comedic timing down, and they took precious screentime and plot time away from the real characters we love. And Cerie, too. 30 Rock shouldn’t need guest stars to be successful or to drive a decent-enough rating to stay on for another couple years. Just film Liz and Jack talking for 30 minutes straight and I’ll pay $49.95 for the DVD.

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